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Ged Barry is a British composer/musician (saxophones, clarinet) and improviser now back in th UK after living in Spain. He has a degree in music and a Masters in Sonic Art and studied the saxophone with the saxophonists Elton Dean and Stan Sulzman. Ged has played and written for many different groups and ensembles as well as working extensively in contemporary dance, theatre and creating sound installations. His collaborative work ‘The show’s the thing’, a sound and light installation won the pick of the year from The Wire magazine.

While in Spain Ged co-formed the experimental music ensemble La Criatura and founded the associación La Oreja Oeste that organizes sound walks, workshops and concerts.

Since moving back to the U.K. Ged has formed The Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra and runs the monthly free improvisation and new music night, The Bureau of Unexpected Musical Encounters in Liverpool.

His current interest is in composing site-specific environmental music for concerts/interventions and performance installations and, continuing as an active improvisor as well as the continued march of the MIO, Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra.

Ged playing with the cellist Paloma Carrasco in Madrid, 2013.


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