Alvin Lucier has died aged 90.


Alvin Lucier

The composer Alvin Lucier has died aged 90. I remember going to a concert of his in London when I had just begun listening to experimental music. I was sitting there not wholly convinced whether or not it was for me. I certainly was interested in experimental music and free improv, but some of the music sounded unlike anything I had ever heard before, like something from another planet. When the musician came on and started playing a triangle, (Lucier’s composition, Silver streetcar for the orchestra) I was sceptical to say the least. After a minute or so as I was quietly enjoying the sounds, when something went flying past my head. Then it happened again, frequencies from the triangle were bouncing all around the room, darting past over me. I sat back in my chair and enjoyed the shower and later left to check out more of his beautiful music. RIP Alvin Lucier.