Alvin Lucier has died aged 90.


Alvin Lucier

The composer Alvin Lucier has died aged 90. I remember going to a concert of his in London when I had just begun listening to experimental music. I was sitting there not wholly convinced whether or not it was for me. I certainly was interested in experimental music and free improv, but some of the music sounded unlike anything I had ever heard before, like something from another planet. When the musician came on and started playing a triangle, (Lucier’s composition, Silver streetcar for the orchestra) I was sceptical to say the least. After a minute or so as I was quietly enjoying the sounds, when something went flying past my head. Then it happened again, frequencies from the triangle were bouncing all around the room, darting past over me. I sat back in my chair and enjoyed the shower and later left to check out more of his beautiful music. RIP Alvin Lucier.

New Band!!


Ged Barry, Tenor and Baritone saxophone
Nick Branton, Bass Clarinet
Michael Metcalfe, Drums
Pablo Sonnaillon, Double Bass

PLutonia 4 formed in Liverpool in 2019. This is their debut recorded release. Their eclectic sound encompasses their shared musical inspirations and experiences from Jazz, free improv, experimental and West African music.

John Tilbury and The Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra. Tuesday 4th December 7.30pm. The Capstone Theatre Liverpool.


John Tilbury

Two dates for your diary! Two very special concerts!

John Tilbury and The Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra.
The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool. Tuesday 4th December 7.30pm.

Monday 3rd December at The Capstone, John will be playing Morton Feldman’s solo piano composition, For Bunita Marcus.

Pianist John Tilbury is acclaimed not only as an unequalled interpreter of contemporary composers, but for his work as a free improviser. He is particularly known for his many seminal recordings and performances of the work of Morton Feldman, John Cage, Christian Wolff, and Howard Skempton, and as an improviser for his work with The Scratch Orchestra with Cornelius Cardew and the legendary group AMM.

For the concert with The Merseyside Improvisers Orchestra, it will feature a composition, written by John Tilbury, which uses a text from an important figure for him, Samuel Beckett. In this piece, the text is the determining factor, with the musicians responding to it in a thoughtful and reflective way. John writes, ‘it is self-sustaining and private, of a quiet intensity’. This concert will also include John improvising with and directing the orchestra for the second half of the concert.